MapOnBulk® System | Biopreservation of bulk solids of any density

MapOnBulk® – Biopreservation

The MapOnBulk® System is the solution to maintain raw materials in proper state.

    What is MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Technology?

    “It is a preservation technique that integrally preserves the characteristics of the product and extends its lifespan without chemicals or preservatives.”

    MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Technology allows storing a product inside a package and then replacing inner air with the gas or gas mixture that best fits the preservation of the product.

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    MAP has been developed to ensure that the foodstuffs packed are kept fresh and appetizing for the longest possible time without chemicals or preservatives.


    The process consists in packing a product that can be closed hermetically, sealing the package, and replacing inner air with the gas or gas mixture that best fits the preservation of the product.



    What are the advantages of this system?




    Prevents microbial, enzymatic and physical deterioration.


    Maintains the organoleptic characteristics of the product throughout its lifespan.


    Prevents oxidation, mold growth and rancidity.


    Eliminates insects in all their stages: egg, larva and adult.


    100% organic preservation – This is a BIO system: no chemicals or preservatives are used.



    What are the most frequent gases?




    Nitrogen, CO2 or a combination of both are used 95% of the times:


    Nitrogen (N2) is an inert gas that displaces oxygen and inhibits reactions. Nitrogen prevents the oxidation of vitamins, color, aroma and fat, and inhibits aerobic bacteria.


    Carbon dioxide (CO2) has bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties that reduce the proliferation of bacteria and mold. The application of a minimum of 20% is recommended. CO2 is easily absorbed by water and fat, and therefore most foodstuffs absorb this gas.

    MapOnBulk® System

    MapOnBulk® is the Integral BIO-preservation System presented by Normotron Ibérica.


    It is the most effective system to ensure 100% organic preservation of your product.


    Fast and user-friendly, it allows treating a wide range of products in a fully automated way: enter your recipe to set the desired gas concentration and let MOB do the rest.


    Unlike other seemingly similar systems, MapOnBulk® actually maintains the product protected at its ideal atmosphere throughout the preservation period.


    MapOnBulk® is the solution to any type of standard container in the market, such as big bags (FIBC), octabins, rigid or folding containers (IBC) and cardboard pallet boxes. For other dimensions, please consult.


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      MapOnBulk® elements

      Three key elements are both important individually and essential as a whole:


      The gas


      This being the element that will surround and preserve the product, selecting the gas is an important decision that should be made together with an experienced gas installer.


      While other gases exist, the most common are: nitrogen, carbon anhydride or a mixture thereof in varying proportions.



      The package


      Modified atmosphere only works in a perfectly gastight package. Other key aspects of the product are: its shape, its density, whether it is affected by light or moisture, how long is the desired lifespan, etc.


      Our experience and working together with our customers will allow tailoring a given product to its needs.



      The machine


      We have pioneered the development of a preservation system in modified atmosphere.


      We discard invasive systems and we are concerned about the product and about maintaining it as is, without modifying any of its organoleptic properties and actually “surrounding” the product with a favorable atmosphere that ensures its preservation.


      Organoleptic benefits

      – Maintains freshness and stabilizes moisture.


      – Slows down ageing and rancidity processes.


      – Prevents mold.


      – Eliminates and inhibits insect growth in all its stages (egg, larva and adult).


      – Stops oxidation processes.


      – Prevents cross-contamination at the warehouse and during transportation.


      – No chemicals are used in the preservation process.

      Economic benefits

      – Extends the commercial lifespan of the products.


      – Decreases returns.


      – Extends the distribution area.


      – No refrigeration required to preserve the product, thus reducing energy consumption.


      – Better planning of procurement management.


      – Reduces packaging in intermediate processes. Better management of final packaging.


      Because the system’s versatility allows it to be totally implemented in any productive process, any product can be treated at any stage of the productive process, thus reducing packaging costs. The internal or final packaging capacity and format are standardized to ensure the proper state of the product is maintained in any process.

      – Almonds

      – Rice

      – Hazelnuts

      – Basic foodstuffs

      – Peanuts

      – Cocoa seeds

      – Coffee

      – Chestnuts

      – Cereals

      – Tiger nuts

      – Spices

      – Cold cuts and sliced cold meat

      – Flours and sprouts

      – Pharma ingredients

      – Milk powder

      – Hemp

      – Fish

      – Natural leathers

      – Pine nuts

      – Pistachios

      – Medicinal herbs

      – Chicken / beef / pork

      – (Hydroscopic) chemicals

      – Seeds

      – Snacks

      More information on MapOnBulk®

      More information on MapOnBulk®