Flexible, highly protective solutions for goods PROTECTION

Flexible, highly protective solutions for goods PROTECTION

Protective packaging

Protects products against moisture, oxidation, loss of smell and saltpeter corrosion by preserving their original characteristics during transportation and storage.

Industrial liners

Hermetic liners of any size for total protection of machinery and electronic equipment.



Manufactured with high-resistance aluminum complexes ensuring round-the-world shipping in perfect conditions.


Weatherproof protection

Prevents oxidation / corrosion

Protects electronic components

Ideal for export packaging

Any size

Flat bags

There are all sorts of layers and these can be manufactured in any size to meet your needs and formats.



Used in a wide range of sectors.

bolsa plana aluminio

For solids: granulates, flakes, food additives, etc.

Chemicals, dyes, etc.

Automatic production: up to 1650 mm x any length

Preserves product characteristics under adverse conditions

Sacks / Gusset bag

Sacks offer all the characteristics required to ensure the integrity of your products: maximum resistance and excellent mechanical performance that make them ideal for palletization.

sack 25 kg

Customized design

With or without degassing valve

Hermetic, weatherproof seal

Holeproof and tearproof

Barrier liners

Inner barrier liner for different types of container. Allows storage with content insulation from external agents, thus ensuring that the original characteristics are maintained.



Widely used in different industrial sectors.


or Octabin, Box pallet, Big bag (FIBC) and IBC, among others.

Protects against moisture, oxygen and light

Prevents loss of aroma or color

Includes top spout and/or top and bottom spout

Barrier films depend on the application: aluminum, EVOH, metal items, etc.

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