Normotron Ibérica was established in February 2011 by professionals with more than twenty years of experience in “barrier materials” and their composition, characteristics, behavior and applications.


The combination of plastic layers of different characteristics and other materials is known as “barrier material”. These complex films offer very low permeability, excellent mechanical resistance, good behavior with gases, or a combination thereof.


The appearance of barrier materials in packaging has decisively contributed to improve the protection and preservation of a wide range of products, and to significant loss reduction. Using this type of barrier packages is indispensable in a globalized market where a better, extended distribution is paramount, and contributes to the sustainability of companies by providing higher added value and reduced energy consumption in product preservation.


Specializing in packaging for the distribution, movement and storage of goods has always been our primary goal. From the very beginning we devoted ourselves to the development and improvement of packaging solutions. As a result of our collaboration with engineers, gas specialists and test laboratories, our exclusive MapOnBulk® System for the BIO-preservation of food and pharmaceutical products was launched in 2013 and is currently the most competitive and effective integral  biopreservation system in the market.


This application is now a reality that provides many benefits to both our customers and our organization, makes a dream come true, and drives us to tackle new challenges and projects.


We care about the needs of our customers and the challenges that our society must face in terms of environmental respect and production with sustainable methods. This is why we seek to share our knowledge and experience to improve industrial production and its logistics.

Why trust us?


NORMOTRON has a team of specialists in the automatic manufacturing of packages and experts in the preparation of customized industrial packaging.


We constantly strive to improve. We are exacting in regard to our processes and products to provide our customers with the best possible service.


Quality assurance. We offer a specialized, comprehensive range of packages that guarantees flawless product preservation during transportation.

R & D & I

A large part of our budget goes into innovation. Because we specialize in the search for solutions to protect and preserve goods, Research and Development is the backbone of our company.