Solutions for air, sea and land transportation of goods, or for specific activities or uses. LINERS AND COVERS

Solutions for air, sea and land transportation of goods, or for specific activities or uses. LINERS AND COVERS

Pallet liners and covers

Arguably the best solution to ship or store goods under optimal preservation conditions, these are a necessary alternative for industrial and perishable goods where moisture and temperature are key to ensure the proper state of the product is maintained during transportation.

Clima Cover

These hygienic covers are indicated to protect shipments from outdoor conditions such as rain, dust, sunlight, etc.


Prevents possible temperature peaks

Repels light and moisture

Lightweight but very resistant

Temperature stability in refrigerated shipments

Airtight cover optional

Thermo Cover

Designed for palletized products. Helps protect your most temperature-sensitive products against thermal damage during transportation.


Temperature is maintained stable

Perfect for air, sea and land transportation

Reduced refrigeration costs

With or without base sealing

Fresh Cover

This thermal cover with gas injection is designed for fruit and perishable goods transportation, where temperature and moisture are key to maintain the preservation of the product.


EMAP cover with gas injection

Designed for perishable goods transportation

Prevents loss of moisture

Extended preservation time

Global distribution: allows reaching more distant destinations

Anoxia / Treatment

Flexible chambers manufactured with high-barrier materials that work like a bubble, thus ensuring perfect control of the inner atmosphere.


Any 3D measure

Other treatments: degreening, ethylene, etc.

Recovery of archives, works of art, antiques, etc.

Fruit treatment: astringency, degreening, ethylene, etc.

Elimination of woodworm



High-performance woven sandwich isothermal covers for daily logistics of large surfaces.


Hygienic flexible cover for containers during the internal phases of the production process.


High-performance separator with thermal insulation for the cargo beds of trucks. Better product distribution and energy consumption optimization during transportation.


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